Monday, June 20, 2011

Your'e Fired President!

I guess this means we have to go home. It was one of those events that
made me realize that it was really going to happen.

Moving day was sandwiched in between transfers and Zone Conferences
and not much time to prepare for the separation of where things were
going to go. We had a small load going to Salt Lake, one to Cincinnati.
We also had to leave some things to carry us over for two weeks. There
was one day before the transfer that we had to do the separation. I told
President that he had to reserve that day to help me, but he got lost and
it wasn't until late that afternoon he appeared to help. We scattered to put
things in the right piles and hoped we had remembered all that we would
need, especially given the fact that we had a Zone Conference, ZL Council
and a Stake Conference still to speak at. The next morning came along with
the movers and things moved fast. President was in his office doing his
weekly emails while I directed traffic. Mid afternoon I had to leave for a
doctor appointment and put him in charge. Bad choice!!! When I returned
they had gone, he had signed the papers and I found that not only did they
not finish packing some things, but that they had packed all of the clothes
that were to stay with us for the remainder of the time.

Late that night we had to undo about 11 boxes to find what we needed.
The next morning the movers came and found that the packing
still wasn't complete and they had no boxes in the truck. The
were not very happy campers! Way to go President!

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