Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Our Last Missionary Group

Welcome Elders!
Elders Hilton, Hall, Jensen, Hastings, Pollmeier, Griffin, Harline

Our newest Elders arrived in Phoenix a half and hour early, but we found
them at the baggage claim excited and ready to start the journey.

A group of happy elders on the way to the mission home for lunch!

President giving his introduction and welcome to the #1 mission in the
world. "The hour of your mission has come" D&C 31:3 & 5. A reminder that
the white handbook are the "rules" of conversion,
Preach My Gospel is the "how" we convert and the Scriptures are
the "what" we convert with. Also a brief reminder that deportment and
demeanor are an important element of being an ambassador of the
Lord Jesus Christ.

A small portion of our office couples that came
for the orientation. They are the best!

1 comment:

Midnight Crafter said...

So cool that you have a new Elder Hall to replace the one who just left!!

Thank you for taking care of our Elder Hall while he was there. Sister Barbara Hall