Monday, June 13, 2011

Our Final Returning Missionaries

Our "lasts" just keep on coming whether we want them to or not. This was a great group that went home this transfer and we grew to personally love each one of them. I can look back over their individual missions and see how they have grown and overcome many challenges. They are truly our mission sons and daughters whom we hope to keep in touch with over the years.

Elder King, Wright, Alling, Taylor, Hall, Kennington & Angelos
Elder Manning, Sisters Fleener, Sister Aydelotte & Elder Hair
You have all served with honor!

Presidente Lopez, now known as Obispo Lopez, came to transfers one
last time to serve his carne asada dinner. It truly was the last supper!
He and Sister Lopez have given much time to the preparation of so many
departing dinners for the missionaries. He loves missionaries and missionary
work. There is not a better missionary in all the world than Presidente Lopez.
He converts with the spirit but also his love penetrates anyone
he shares the gospel with. Many thanks to the two of them for their sacrifice.

Each Missionary that comes into the mission home brings a tie to share with
Sister Beck. Some of them are pretty ugly I must admit, but it is the name of
the missionary on the back of the tie that is important. A dear friend and
former missionary in the office, Sister Miller, so graciously
put together a tie skirt for me to wear the last days of Zone Conference.
It was a labor of love and will be a special treasure for me.
I wish I could have used all the ties that were given to me over the years,
but that would make a really big skirt.

This is a treasured gift for our departing missionaries. It is a book that
contains all the missionaries, baptisms, and companions during their
missions. They are always excited to receive them.

Preparing for a bedtime story!

Elder Wright had an early breakfast so he could
catch a flight to Canada to reunite with family.

Well done thou Good and Faithful Servants!

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