Saturday, June 18, 2011

More Good-byes

The office staff wanted to get everyone together for a good-bye dinner before
we left. One problem....President isn't big on that kind of stuff. So, they
did it anyway. They had all the senior couples we had worked with in the
mission meet at the Olive Garden. It was a tender moment for us as we looked
at each couple and the contribution they made in the Arizona Phoenix Mission.
The Loftgreens, Pecks, Lopez & Matsens were the only ones missing. A lot of
kind words were said and they presented us with an Arizona Mission Logo,
framed with all the signitures of our dear friends. It will be a real treasure.
They also gave us an original print out of the temple ground breaking that
was on the front of the Church News. We will never forget such dear
friends that we served the Lord with.

Millers, Skonnards, Morris, Terry's, Eagers, Zyas, Cherry's,
Lyons, Clarks, Ely's and Williams

Dr. Hawks and his wife Kathy were not only our doctors, but they were our
therapists who gave us comic relief, and also our dear friends.
I found early in the mission that a nursing degree should have been one of the
requirements as a mission mom which I didn't have. I have learned a lot about
medical problems missionaries have since then, but I admit, sometimes, I just had to fake it,
or call our trusty Dr. Hawks. He truly is "The Great One"! We love and appreciate
all he has done for the mission . We will miss you Jack & Kathy!

These are my dear friends from the West Wing Ward. Each of them touched
my heart and kept me connected since I didn't attend a lot of meetings in the
ward with our speaking assignments. Becky & Vicki were my wonderful, loving,
caring, visiting teachers. JoAnn was a FHE friend and shared our last name.
Ellen will be my eternal friend. Our paths have crossed here in Arizona for a
second time. She was my shopping buddy and took good care of me. Thanks
to all these special friends in my life.

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