Sunday, February 13, 2011

Welcome Elder Brase

It was time to send Elder Pickett home, who served diligently as one of our
English Assistants! The Lord kept him in as an assistant till the very end.
Usually they have the opportunity to go back out to train the last couple of transfers.
He served with diligence, endless energy, and love and was always looking to
better the mission. Elder Pickett left his mark and we will miss him greatly.
But as always, the Lord selects the next Assistant to stand on his shoulders.
Elder Jason Brase will be our new English Assistant and will be companions
with Elder Tripp.
Some may think this is a glamorous assignment to be an Assistant,
but may I just say that these young men work endless hours with
the President, in meetings, assignments and training and also in doing
all the regular missionary work. It is not an easy calling, but the Lord extends
their days to accomplish the things that need to be done.
Thanks to every Assistant we have had in leading the mission with exactness and love.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Transfer Meeting

After orientation our missionaries are taken to the transfer building where they
are introduced to their new companions. They enter the room where the new
trainers have just been oriented and reminded of the sacred and most important
calling to be a "Trainer" and to train with excellence. They then are paired off and
get to know each other. Meanwhile all the missionaries that are involved in the
transfer are awaiting the new missionaries and their trainers in the chapel. They
all march into the chapel while we sing "Called to Serve", included the 3rd verse
which is specific to our mission. (Yes, our beloved Elder Peck wrote that one too!)
They all go to the choir seats and remain standing while we finish the song.

Sister Kunz and Sister Brown getting to know each other

Elder Kennington's new trainee, Elder Baldree

After the meeting is over they are instructed to get the keys to their cars
and apartments and also take care of other business before they return
to their new areas and meet their bishop and Relief Society President.
Then place their first Book of Mormon that night.
They will all learn real fast that..........
"There is no Comfort in a growing Zone and no Growing in a Comfort Zone"

It is quite the sight to see the all the luggage, new packages of bedding, and bikes
everywhere during transfers. It is quite the process to get them out to their new
areas. We are a bike mission now so they all come to transfers with them. Thanks
to so many of our wonderful members who take their time to get them where they
need to go each transfer.

These are our wonderful Spanish Sisters who came to the transfer this time.
Sisters Wells, Urias, Borrows, Ayala, Okeson, Kunz, Lowery and Aydelotte
all welcomed Sister Brown to the mission.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February Transfers-

We didn't know how to act this transfer because we only had 8 missionaries come to the mission and 9 depart. It was actually manageable! I was glad that we got the freezing cold weather (I'm serious) out of the way before they came. They were all anxious to feel the warmth of the Arizona sun.

Elder Jones, Elder Brown Elder Baldree, Sister Brown, Elder Carroll
Elder Beck (what a great name) Elder Gould, Elder Hafoka

Elder Bingham, our Spanish Assistant, welcoming our new missionaries
as they put their luggage into the transfer van.

President Beck welcomed the new missionaries before going down to retrieve their
luggage. They were all excited to get on with things
and anxious to meet their new companions.

Straight from the MTC

Elder Bingham and Klemme gave an introduction to the Mission to begin the
orientation, followed by a mandatory automobile safety video, instruction on
expenses and medical. Sister Beck finishes off the orientation by reading a
short story by Max Lucado, "With you all the Way", with great parrellels that
apply to their mission. It posed the question "Who will you take with you on
your missionary journey the next two years?"

Monday, February 7, 2011

February Departing Missionaries

Wow! this seems to be getting harder and harder and harder to let these
wonderful missionaries return back home. They have served with honor and
have been great leaders in the mission. The longer they are here, the more attached
we get to them. We are so grateful to their parents for preparing them to serve
diligently and we will miss them greatly.
Don't forget to keep in touch Elders and Sister Jensen. We love you all so much!

We had fun taking pictures and finding a unique pose. Each group comes up with their
own departing photos. Here's a few we came up with!

This one is my personal favorite as they hold up the mission
flag in unity!

Celebrating departing interviews with the President.

As they awaited their breakfast, they all did a group scripture study!

The Last Supper...President Lopez's Carne Asada. They never get tired of it.

Elder & Sister Morris and Elder & Sister Eager are such a great strength
and support to the mission. We absolutely couldn't do it without them.
They have earned their angel wings.

Never seen this kind of toothbrush holder before
Elder Browning...very creative

President Beck's mean egg omelets

We need to teach Elder Coburn how to use the whipped cream dispenser. That's not the way you want to look when you see your mother Elder Coburn !

Relax! This is the Last time you will have to have your picture taken by me Elders
......until our reunion that is!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Another Group of Study Guide Recipients

Elder Davis, Westbroek, Bingham, Coburn, Deakin, and Klemme.
The majority of this group have already received round one of
Preach My Gospel Scholars and are now the recipients of
"Fundamentals of Preach My Gospel".

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We Love You Sister Barker

Sister Stephanie Barker was one of our marvelous Spanish speaking sisters.
She was a very special sister who taught with the spirit and touched many lives.
It was difficult to say good-bye to her as she left the mission to take care
of some medical needs. I know she will always radiate and share
the gospel in her life. We wish her the best.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

More Visitors

The wonderful blessing of serving in Arizona is that it attracts people to come visit you.
Elder Baker and his father flew down for the weekend to attend a wedding
of an investigator. Elder Leavitt and his wife also came down to go through
the temple with an past investigator. It is always good to see our return missionaries
come back and spend some time with us and it doesn't hurt that the
warm weather and the sun is a big draw.

Laura Williams is a dear friend I had in Cincinnati who moved to Idaho. She also came
down with her husband who was on a business trip. I think we were kindred spirits.
Thanks for the visit Laura!

My brother Brent and his wife Vicki also drove down for a visit. Brent had business
meetings to attend, but we did get to spend our P-day with them as we went to see
Montazuma's Castle in Camp Verde.