Sunday, February 13, 2011

Welcome Elder Brase

It was time to send Elder Pickett home, who served diligently as one of our
English Assistants! The Lord kept him in as an assistant till the very end.
Usually they have the opportunity to go back out to train the last couple of transfers.
He served with diligence, endless energy, and love and was always looking to
better the mission. Elder Pickett left his mark and we will miss him greatly.
But as always, the Lord selects the next Assistant to stand on his shoulders.
Elder Jason Brase will be our new English Assistant and will be companions
with Elder Tripp.
Some may think this is a glamorous assignment to be an Assistant,
but may I just say that these young men work endless hours with
the President, in meetings, assignments and training and also in doing
all the regular missionary work. It is not an easy calling, but the Lord extends
their days to accomplish the things that need to be done.
Thanks to every Assistant we have had in leading the mission with exactness and love.

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