Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February Transfers-

We didn't know how to act this transfer because we only had 8 missionaries come to the mission and 9 depart. It was actually manageable! I was glad that we got the freezing cold weather (I'm serious) out of the way before they came. They were all anxious to feel the warmth of the Arizona sun.

Elder Jones, Elder Brown Elder Baldree, Sister Brown, Elder Carroll
Elder Beck (what a great name) Elder Gould, Elder Hafoka

Elder Bingham, our Spanish Assistant, welcoming our new missionaries
as they put their luggage into the transfer van.

President Beck welcomed the new missionaries before going down to retrieve their
luggage. They were all excited to get on with things
and anxious to meet their new companions.

Straight from the MTC

Elder Bingham and Klemme gave an introduction to the Mission to begin the
orientation, followed by a mandatory automobile safety video, instruction on
expenses and medical. Sister Beck finishes off the orientation by reading a
short story by Max Lucado, "With you all the Way", with great parrellels that
apply to their mission. It posed the question "Who will you take with you on
your missionary journey the next two years?"

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