Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Transfer Meeting

After orientation our missionaries are taken to the transfer building where they
are introduced to their new companions. They enter the room where the new
trainers have just been oriented and reminded of the sacred and most important
calling to be a "Trainer" and to train with excellence. They then are paired off and
get to know each other. Meanwhile all the missionaries that are involved in the
transfer are awaiting the new missionaries and their trainers in the chapel. They
all march into the chapel while we sing "Called to Serve", included the 3rd verse
which is specific to our mission. (Yes, our beloved Elder Peck wrote that one too!)
They all go to the choir seats and remain standing while we finish the song.

Sister Kunz and Sister Brown getting to know each other

Elder Kennington's new trainee, Elder Baldree

After the meeting is over they are instructed to get the keys to their cars
and apartments and also take care of other business before they return
to their new areas and meet their bishop and Relief Society President.
Then place their first Book of Mormon that night.
They will all learn real fast that..........
"There is no Comfort in a growing Zone and no Growing in a Comfort Zone"

It is quite the sight to see the all the luggage, new packages of bedding, and bikes
everywhere during transfers. It is quite the process to get them out to their new
areas. We are a bike mission now so they all come to transfers with them. Thanks
to so many of our wonderful members who take their time to get them where they
need to go each transfer.

These are our wonderful Spanish Sisters who came to the transfer this time.
Sisters Wells, Urias, Borrows, Ayala, Okeson, Kunz, Lowery and Aydelotte
all welcomed Sister Brown to the mission.

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Padre Wells said...

Cutest sister missionaries ever. Especially that one on the far left (Sister Wells).
- Padre Wells