Monday, February 7, 2011

February Departing Missionaries

Wow! this seems to be getting harder and harder and harder to let these
wonderful missionaries return back home. They have served with honor and
have been great leaders in the mission. The longer they are here, the more attached
we get to them. We are so grateful to their parents for preparing them to serve
diligently and we will miss them greatly.
Don't forget to keep in touch Elders and Sister Jensen. We love you all so much!

We had fun taking pictures and finding a unique pose. Each group comes up with their
own departing photos. Here's a few we came up with!

This one is my personal favorite as they hold up the mission
flag in unity!

Celebrating departing interviews with the President.

As they awaited their breakfast, they all did a group scripture study!

The Last Supper...President Lopez's Carne Asada. They never get tired of it.

Elder & Sister Morris and Elder & Sister Eager are such a great strength
and support to the mission. We absolutely couldn't do it without them.
They have earned their angel wings.

Never seen this kind of toothbrush holder before
Elder Browning...very creative

President Beck's mean egg omelets

We need to teach Elder Coburn how to use the whipped cream dispenser. That's not the way you want to look when you see your mother Elder Coburn !

Relax! This is the Last time you will have to have your picture taken by me Elders
......until our reunion that is!

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