Thursday, October 21, 2010

Baby Taylor update

This is Taylor. He is now 3 weeks old and is still in NICU. It has been a rough couple of weeks, including a staff infection from his feeding tube. Each day he seems to improve. They are giving him supplements in his feeding tube and this week he has been trying to nurse. He is up to 5lbs. 5oz. We are so grateful for all the tender mercies of the Lord. Tracy goes to the hospital every day to hold him while the kids are at school. Her sisters have been such a wonderful help as they have taken over with the kids. It is truly a family rally at times like this. We will all be glad when he can eat on his own and go home to his family.

Visitors to the Mission...They just couldn't stay away

Elder Grey and his new Wife.....fresh from the temple

Elder Kevin Price and Nicholas Noyce made a surprise visit on transfer day

Elder Craig Rider and his family came to the mission office for a visit

Jake Trembath was one of our first missionaries to leave when we came to the mission.
He has done a good job of keeping up with us and has come back to see us often.

President & Sister Gill

Elder Michael Hanna came back so he could have his farewell dinner and M-talk from Sister Beck. He finished his mission in Tuba City as a Zone Leader and was in the New Farmington, New Mexico Mission during his finishing weeks.

Sister Willardson was one of 4 sisters that returned for Jack's baptism.
Sisters Amy Clark, Sister Solomon (now married), Sister Eustice also
returned for the baptism.

Elder Eduardo Diaz and his mother came to meet President Beck & I. He is
actually living here in the valley.

Elder Bullock, the infamous biker and Elder Neilsen made a trip to the mission.
Sorry, I know you have first names but I just haven't made the change yet.

Elder Kyle Smith came to report on his after the mission life.

Last weekend Elder Cox and his whole family came to the mission. They took a weekend off from
milking and running the farm and did a quick blitz through the mission. We enjoyed spending the
evening with them.

Our Final Level Five Study from Old Study Guide

Elders Murdock, Evensen, Wolcott, Alling, & Bingham and also Sister Williams were the last recipiants of the old "Preach My Gospel Study Guide" We now have a revised one in concordance with "Fundamentals of Preach My Gospel". The Assistants were instrumental in the changes in the New Study Guide.

Another Hike Up the Mountain

With all our new Zone Leaders it was time to climb Sunrise Mountain for a pep talk on the urgency of the work and also to become unified as a senior leadership. Our Zone leaders are wonderful missionaries who work hard to watch over their flock within their zones. Not only do they have their own proselyting areas but they are also responsible for training each missionary. I have great respect for each of them as they strive to accomplish the Lord's work.

The Sky is the Limit

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

An Unexpected Arrival.....

Last Wednesday, our daughter Tracy went in for her regular OB visit. She was due on November 20th, but little Taylor had something else in mind. This is where one tender mercy after another happened within the next 24 hours. Concerned about his heart beat being all over the place the doctor sent her to the hospital to be monitored. They admitted her not knowing what was happening with his heart rate ranging from 140 and then dropping drastically to 80's. After monitoring her, the doctors were not comfortable with what was happening and they transported her at 11:00 p.m. to a level 3 hospital that could handle her if an emergency C-Section was needed. About 1:10 the doctors rushed in and made the decision to take the baby. He was born at 1:22 and rushed off to ICU. They found that the placenta was 15% separated from the uterus (placenta abruption), another tender mercy that the doctor decided to do the C-section. It was a very frightening to be so far away when we so wanted to be by her side to support and comfort her and see our new little baby. I felt so helpless and knelt in prayer to my Heavenly Father asking him to watch over and protect both mother and baby. I knew I had to put it in His hands, as we were here serving. It was a very difficult night and I prayed continually for the Lord's guidance with this precious little baby.
Taylor Christian Hensley weighed 4lbs. 9 oz. which was amazing for a baby 7 weeks early, but his little heart was working too hard and all were very concerned. The doctors were not sure what was happening with his heart jumping all over the place. Sunday evening, the doctors came in and said they wanted to transport him to Children's Hospital because they were better equipped there with pediatric cardiologists to help him. The doctors are still not sure why this is happening and are monitoring him carefully, but we have seen the Lord's hand in all that has transpired over the last week. Please keep little Taylor in your prayers for us, so he will be able to go home to his two awaiting brothers, Nicholas and Ethan.

Ethan and Nicholas finally got to see their new little brother from a distance.

Yesterday he opened his eyes for the first time

Tracy finally got to hold him yesterday. It was difficult for her not to be able to hold her baby after he came into the world, she could only stand by his side and pray the doctors would be inspired to know how to help him.

Transfer Meeting....Who says Missionaries don't have any fun-

Our Wonderful Sister Missionaries enjoy seeing each other at transfer meetings!
They may be in the minority but their are special attributes in the mission.
Everyone wants the Sisters in their wards. They seem to have a special touch with
their investigators.

Everyone loves Sister Ely, as she takes good care of our missionaries by forwarding
their mail. She goes to great lengths to make sure the missionaries
receive their mail as quickly as possible. Elder Sentman is another
appreciated Elder in the mission. He and Elder Oesterle are continuously
moving bikes and furniture and mattresses to missionaries as they
are transferred to new apartments.
Thanks so much Elders!

Sister Hoof & Jensen pose in front of their damaged car.

Got Mail?

Loading the trailer with Missionary belongings to take to their new areas!

Elders returning to Prescott Valley

Sister Swallow & Sister Moody admire her new bike. They are new companions

Another Transfer Rolls Around

Assistants Elders Bingham, Kleme, Westbroek, Pickett &
President Awaiting the arrival of our 14 new Missionaries!

Fresh from the MTC - 14 new missionaries.
Welcome to the Arizona Phoenix Mission!

Hail Hail, the gangs all here......
Sisters Glenn, Zollinger, Swallow, Elders Anderson, Barrett, Duke,
Gillen, Griessmann, Hohman, Nelson, Peterson, Newton,
Pierson & Cheadle

Waiting for the Assistants to load up their suitcases

Picture Time at the Mission Home

Sisters Glenn, Swallow, Zollinger

Our new hungry missionaries enjoy Cafe Rio Salad and fruit for
lunch beforeparticipating in their orientation meeting.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

We Will Miss You!

Elder Hone, Anderson, Otto, Gardner, Reading, Wesche & Sister Hudson.
"Well done thou good and faithful Servants! You served with honor!

As the outgoing missionaries arrive at the mission home,
they have their departing interview with the President and they discuss
their goals and plans when they return from their mission. The President
encourages them to take their mother or father on a first date.

The traditional Carne Asada dinner

Elder Hone gave President a lanyard he made from one of the
buck horns that he shot before his mission.
Thanks Elder Hone...we love you!

This is a common look for our Sister Missionaries who are
exposed to the hot sun every day.
They are actually just painted on shoes.

It was a cool evening so we moved outside where Sister Beck presented the
missionaries with their outgoing binder, which includes pictures
of all their companions and other missionaries that they served with
and a Christmas DVD from the past two years! Also a laminated card
that says "Missionaries for Life", as a reminder for each of them.

Ping pong was the game of the night. Sister Beck even joined in the fun!

Elder Wesche recorded in his journal the final events of his mission,
while waiting to play in a ping pong match with others.

Story Time "Mommy do I have to go on a Mission?"

Elder Gardner was ready to eat again so the rest joined in for
the late night snack!

Elder Reading signing a tie for Sister Beck. Each Elder going home
brings a tie that he signs for Sister Beck. Eventually a skirt will be made
from the signed ties as a reminder of all the wonderful missionaries
that served in the Arizona Phoenix Mission!

Elder Hone serving Fruit Smoothies along with President's egg omelet.

Our Assistants (Elder Kleme) drop in to pick up the missionaries to take them
to the airport and get to partake of the early morning breakfast of
waffles with homemade buttermilk syrup.

Our departing missionaries are getting cleaver as they pose for their final group shot!

Elder Otto presented President Beck with his BYU treasured cup. President wouldn't take the
picture with them until he went to his office to get his U of U globe. It's just best not to talk
BYU/UofU with President. It's a sensitive subject!

Off to the Airport...So long Phoenix Arizona...Mom & Dad I'm coming Home!