Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Another Transfer Rolls Around

Assistants Elders Bingham, Kleme, Westbroek, Pickett &
President Awaiting the arrival of our 14 new Missionaries!

Fresh from the MTC - 14 new missionaries.
Welcome to the Arizona Phoenix Mission!

Hail Hail, the gangs all here......
Sisters Glenn, Zollinger, Swallow, Elders Anderson, Barrett, Duke,
Gillen, Griessmann, Hohman, Nelson, Peterson, Newton,
Pierson & Cheadle

Waiting for the Assistants to load up their suitcases

Picture Time at the Mission Home

Sisters Glenn, Swallow, Zollinger

Our new hungry missionaries enjoy Cafe Rio Salad and fruit for
lunch beforeparticipating in their orientation meeting.


Stacy said...

Dear Sister Beck,
Thanks so much for posting these photos of Elder Trenton Anderson's arrival. We just received an email from him today and he said his 1st day was great!
Stacy Anderson

Stacy said...

My daughter created a blog for Trent.
Here is the link: