Thursday, February 25, 2010

Apartment Cleanliness and Marriage Prep 101

Sister Beck & Elder Yorgenson

It was time again to hit the skill training of "Apartment Cleanliness" and Marriage Prep 101. I'm not really sure how much good it does, but I do drill the training in them. I try to tell them that everything they do in the mission helps prepare them all for marriage. They need to practice taking care of themselves and cleaning their apartment so they can impress their wifes and future husbands. Training on the kitchen and how to take care of food properly, and how long to keep food in the fridge (meaning they shouldn't wait until it is changing colors and fuzzy), bathrooms and bedroom tips (such as making sure they change their sheets once a week and not once a transfer) are all part of the training. When it got to the bathroom training I was very blunt as I taught the Elders the proper procedures after they went to the bathroom. Many of them blushed, but the truth was that their future wives needed them to put the toilet seat down after they were through so she wouldn't fall in when she went to the bathroom in the middle of the night. They all got a big kick out of that, but hopefully it was taken seriously. We have about 50% consecrated housing for our missionaries, meaning our members are offering to have them stay with them. This is a great savings for the church who pays for their housing. It is one of the reasons we stress the importance of doing daily, weekly and monthly cleaning. Every preparation day they are suppose to clean their apartments, wash their cars and clothes, do their grocery shopping, and email their families. If there is time left over they can relax or play sports. By the time the interview week is over, President had done 216 interviews and I had given my presentation 8 times.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Saturday Feb. 13th the church announced the creation of the New Mexico Farmington Mission from a realignment of the Arizona Mesa, Arizona Phoenix, Arizona Tuscon and New Mexico Alburqurque missions in the North America Southwest Area, and the Utah Provo Mission in the Utah South Area. This will result in the Flagstaff, Page, Tuba City and Chinle Stakes all being part of the New Farmington Albuquerque Mission effective July 1, 2010. While we are excited about the growth of the church in our mission and the opportunity of creative a new mission, we will miss our close associations with the fine stake presidents, members, senior couples and junior missionaries. This will also allow us the opportunity to focus on the remaining 14 stakes located in the Valley and Prescott/Cottonwood area. It is truly a miracle to see how the bountiful harvest of souls is allowing the Lord's work to move forward so quickly. The new Mission truly establishes a wonderful opportunity to focus on the reservation and our Lamanite brothers and sisters.

February Zone Conferences

We just finished 5 days of Zone Conference instruction. I taught "How to become a Bold Missionary" and President followed up with the doctrine of "Teaching with the Spirit". After the morning instruction, we were so blessed to be fed a wonderful lunch prepared by the Relief Society. We invited some our Stake Presidents in the areas to come and talk just before lunch. We were all edified from their messages. Then they joined us at lunch to mingle with the missionaries in their Stakes.

President Hettinger of the Phoenix North Stake

President Boone in the Chinle Stake

President Frost in the Flagstaff Stake

President & Sister Weathersby in the Deer Valley Stake

President Campbell in the Prescott Stake

After lunch we presented all the Gospel Scholar awards. Elder Gibson,
Elder Beames & Elder Clarke are a few
that received their Scholars of Excellence
Certificates this transfer

Recognition of "Clean Car Awards"
Elder Sentman & Elder Taylor

The afternoon was focused on extending Baptismal Commitments
as we broke into groups to role play.

Elders Westbroek, Carver and Grayson battle the cold and snow
in the Flagstaff area, as their thoughts are turned to the warm Valley temperatures.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Home Front Celbrations

What a beautiful day it was for Emma who just turned 8 years old and was baptised and confirmed by her father on her very own special day. February 4th was Emma's birthday as well as her baptismal day. We are so proud of her to follow the Savior and be baptized a member of His church.

Olivia Kathryn Pitts was blessed on February 7th. Her father gave her a beautiful blessing to begin her life with. We are so blessed to have this sweet little spirit come into our family. We love you Olivia!