Wednesday, October 6, 2010

An Unexpected Arrival.....

Last Wednesday, our daughter Tracy went in for her regular OB visit. She was due on November 20th, but little Taylor had something else in mind. This is where one tender mercy after another happened within the next 24 hours. Concerned about his heart beat being all over the place the doctor sent her to the hospital to be monitored. They admitted her not knowing what was happening with his heart rate ranging from 140 and then dropping drastically to 80's. After monitoring her, the doctors were not comfortable with what was happening and they transported her at 11:00 p.m. to a level 3 hospital that could handle her if an emergency C-Section was needed. About 1:10 the doctors rushed in and made the decision to take the baby. He was born at 1:22 and rushed off to ICU. They found that the placenta was 15% separated from the uterus (placenta abruption), another tender mercy that the doctor decided to do the C-section. It was a very frightening to be so far away when we so wanted to be by her side to support and comfort her and see our new little baby. I felt so helpless and knelt in prayer to my Heavenly Father asking him to watch over and protect both mother and baby. I knew I had to put it in His hands, as we were here serving. It was a very difficult night and I prayed continually for the Lord's guidance with this precious little baby.
Taylor Christian Hensley weighed 4lbs. 9 oz. which was amazing for a baby 7 weeks early, but his little heart was working too hard and all were very concerned. The doctors were not sure what was happening with his heart jumping all over the place. Sunday evening, the doctors came in and said they wanted to transport him to Children's Hospital because they were better equipped there with pediatric cardiologists to help him. The doctors are still not sure why this is happening and are monitoring him carefully, but we have seen the Lord's hand in all that has transpired over the last week. Please keep little Taylor in your prayers for us, so he will be able to go home to his two awaiting brothers, Nicholas and Ethan.

Ethan and Nicholas finally got to see their new little brother from a distance.

Yesterday he opened his eyes for the first time

Tracy finally got to hold him yesterday. It was difficult for her not to be able to hold her baby after he came into the world, she could only stand by his side and pray the doctors would be inspired to know how to help him.


Mama Peck said...

We just brought our latest granddaughter home from the NICU last Friday so we understand a little of what you're feeling. Know that our love and prayers are with your little one and family.

Scott Bartlett said...

Being a nurse, I'm thinking(and praying) that the cardiac arrythmia might have been Heavenly Father's way of letting the doctors know to deliver this little one early, only to then discover via c-section the placenta problem. He sure has a good weight for being 7 weeks early! They are in our prayers, please keep us all posted.
Sister Bartlett(Elder Bartlett's mom)

marie said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you!
Elder Juchau's Family

miriamduke said...

Your New Elder Duke was 3 lbs 6 oz born 7 weeks early, miracles happen! Our prayers are with you and your family, we love those precious premature babies. Love the Duke Family