Saturday, June 25, 2011

Our Final 3 Zone Conferences

Friday was our last gathering of the mission. We had a wonderful day of
learning about inspired questions and how critical they were in knowing
the needs of our investigators. Those questions were ones that
they needed to come from heaven.
To close the meeting we bore testimony and expressed our gratitude for
the many lessons we had learned as we had served in the mission.
President authorized a hug to each one of our missionary sons and daughters.
It was a very emotional week for me.

In President Beck's closing remarks about change and transition he
presented a bowl of ice cream containing one scoop of chocolate and
one scoop of vanilla. He then told our missionaries that working with
President Beck had been like eating plain vanilla and now they were going
to enjoy the deep rich chocolate flavor of President Taylor. For those
missionaries who only experience one mission president, they will
never know the richness and benefit of being led by two chosen leaders.
He then proceeded to say that the had been working with the second
string and that the first string was about ready to join them.

Enjoying both flavors of ice cream.

Whose got the best watch tan?

Elder Peck wrote the last verse of the mission fight song and the assistants
sang it for everyone. I'll post the song later.
Our President is awesome
He owes it to his Wife
They teach us by example
How to navigate through life.
They'll leave the mission stronger
Than they found it when they came,
If we don't succeed.
they're not the ones to blame.
Arizona, thirsty land
We'll serve the Living Water while we can.

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