Friday, June 17, 2011

Return Missionary Surprise

What a fun surprise for us when we walked into Applebee's. We were expecting
to have lunch with 3 missionaries who were down for a visit, only to find
eleven of our returned missionaries there. It was so fun to have
lunch together and catch up on each of their lives. It was suppose to
be a lunch with E. Grayson, Jenny Matthews, & E.Bullock but Elders
Noyce, Price, Reading, Bratt, Sweeny & his girlfriend, Sisters Corless
and Sepulveda surprised us also. (Sorry, I haven't quite broken away from
the Elder & Sister part yet)

As we departed, Aaron Bratt gave us a
CD with testimonies of many of our missionaries. It was truly a labor
of love for him to do that. As we got into the car and waved good-bye they
all began to sing in spanish, "Hasta Vez" or "God be with your till we meet again".
Once again the tears began to flow with feelings of gratitude for being able to
serve with so many of the Lord's missionaries.

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Linda Sepulveda said...

yay! that was so much fun for us to surprise you guys. Love you both!