Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Fun P-day with the Surprise Zone

It was Monday, a P-day and also Memorial Day. We have forgotten
the meaning of celebrating holidays. In the mission there is no such thing
as a holiday. There is too much work to be done, no time for slacking off.
But, today was an exception as we joined the Surprise Zone for a softball
game. It was too hard to sit back and just watch, after all I played softball
growing up and the juices were flowing. So, I joined in the fun. I must
admit I have lost a lot of my skills and wasn't very happy with myself,
but we had sooo much fun. The Zone Leaders brought some watermelon
to eat. Elder Cava, from Tonga, had never played before and learned the
game fast as he knocked them out there. It was a great day!

It is a rare occassion for President Beck to be seen without his suit
and tie on. One year when our children were here for Christmas, he
came in on Christmas morning with his suit and tie on.
We immediately sent him back to change. This is the T-shirt that
his children gave him so that he felt appropriately dressed
It even had his personalized name badge on

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