Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Interviews Snip-its

Our Gospel Study program continues to flourish as our missionaries are finishing the different levels of Gospel Scholarship. The Elders above have finished level 3 and are well on their way to being Preach My Gospel missionaries. For this accomplishment they receive a flashlight with the mission logo on it.
These missionaries have finished Level 2, which requires much study and memorization of scriptures they use for teaching their investigators. We are so excited that this has become and important goal for our missionaries. The only problem is that I have to fill out all the certificates for Level 1,2,4 & 5. One transfer I did over 100, but it is worth it to see the satisfaction they feel from their accomplishments.
We continue to give out "Cleanest Car Awards" in the mission after their cars are carefully checked by either Elder Peck or Loftgreen every 6 weeks. The Sisters have been ruling in the different Zones for having the cleanest car.
The hot spot on the reservation after interviews in Polocca is at Keams Canyon, where many of the missionaries stop for a double scoop of ice cream! Elder Ulima is really enjoying his!

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