Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Navajo Nation Fair

We went to Window Rock to observe and help with the displays booths that we put up at the Fair. It was a four day fair that I looked forward to going to for a long time. The mistake we made was going on the set up day when very few booths were set up. I had this vision of rows and rows of Navajo arts and crafts and jewelry set up. I had been waiting to find my piece of Navajo jewelry at this fair, but it didn't happen and I came home disappointed. Our booth did really well. We had over 200 referrals that we received from people just walking by. Our missionaries did a great job there.

There is a competition for Miss Navajo every year to demonstrate her traditional skills as an Navajo Woman. We watched the butchering competition where they took a mutton sheep and skinned and gutted it and then preceded to cut it up and cook it. It was interesting to watch her take out the intestines and flush it out. We watched the fry bread competition and many other Navajo Women skills. They are tough women and they do hard things I don't think I could do.

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