Tuesday, September 22, 2009

September Incoming Missionaries

Our new missionaries are Elder White, Carroll, Northrup,
Birch, Harker, Ray, Hutchinson, Johnston, Kleme, Sieber

These are break outs from the MTC....ready to go to work!

Sister Matsen is my awesome helper and friend during transfers. She's there to not only help me but make me laugh. We had a hard time following a recipe that day because we were chatting too much. As we were visiting with the new missionaries we forgot to get the dinner started. Oops! Sister Matsen is therapy at its finest.

This is what you call a group of tired missionaries, preparing for the upcoming day where they will find out who their companion is and where they will be going to serve in the mission. Many of them came off the plane not feeling well. Four of them with bad coughs and colds and one with pink eye. Our mission doctor thought it was walking pneumonia for one of them. Everyone was coughing and sneezing, and it was making me very nervous as I visualized all those little bugs floating in the air of my house. What a way to start the transfer off, not to mention 2 of our reservation elders whom we think have H1N1 flu. We have had 12 missionaries call in sicknesses in the last two days. It is only September and we are feeling the effects of the flu season. It may be a long winter for me and missionary medical.

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Jamie said...

Hi, my son is in the MTC right now set to come down to the Phoenix Mission (Spanish speaking) on November 4th. I recognize a couple of the Elders from these pictures of the September arrivals. They just happened to be standing near the MTC sign when we were taking pictures minutes before saying good bye to our son, Elder Tyler Holden back on September 2nd.

I've enjoyed following this blog since Tyler got his call back in June. We are all so excited for him to be have the opportunity to serve down in Arizona.