Monday, September 21, 2009

September Departing Missionaries

Elder Mousley, Leavitt, Bitton, Jepson, Petrich and Sister Walker were our departing missionaries!

We enjoyed an afternoon of reviewing their marriage lists of qualities they were going to look for in the process of finding their eternal mate....Elder Bitton said that top on his list was that she had to like Sponge Bob. We enjoyed a dinner and then a testimony meeting. It is amazing to hear them bear their testimonies and see the foundation which they have laid through their service in the mission. Later on they told me of their mission experiences. Elder Bitton told of a story in his mission of going to dinner at a members home and taking a bite and finding a grey hair sticking out of the food. He tried to remove it but it broke off. He didn't want to hurt the members feelings so...he just ate it. (Nothing like making me sick for the night). Elder Leavitt told a story of going to dinner at an older ladies house and where she kept feeding them. They were so full they felt sick. She then came out with a dessert in a bowl with grandma cookies around the dessert. (whatever grandma cookies are). He knew he couldn't eat one more thing so every time she looked away he would grab a cookie and put it on his lap and slowly move it down to his socks. He did this with all six cookies. On the way home in the car while his companion was driving, he reached down and pulled out a cookie and said, "Want a cookie?" and then threw it out the window. He continued to do this until all the cookies were gone. They had a good laugh over that one.

This is the coveted meal of Carne Asada prepared by President & Sister Lopez.
It is the missionaries last supper before they go home.

Weighing luggage to go home is sometimes a challenge as our missionaries find out they have accumulated quite a bit in the last two years. Many have to go through their luggage and discard to meet the requirements. Unfortunately I get the left overs. This is Elder Leavitt weighing in.

Waiting for departing flights and also for the incoming missionaries!

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