Friday, August 21, 2009

Finally it is official! Tyler is engaged!

Tyler took her to the Hyatt Resort on Thursday evening where they went to dinner. Afterwards, they went on a Gondola boat ride on the lake, where they were serenaded. It was there he got down on his knees and proposed. Sarah had no clue he was going to propose here in Phoenix so it was a surprise to her.

Tyler and Sarah are finally engaged. It is all official and the plans are well on their way. He went golfing with Sarah's father on Thursday morning where he asked for Sarah's hand in marriage. He seemed to have passed the test because Jeff Beecher said yes. The wedding is going to be on December 29th. How coincidental that all of the kids will be here already. ( They couldn't wait until he proposed or they would never have found tickets to Phoenix, so it was a little preliminary). We are all excited to have Sarah a part of the family. She is a beautiful young lady with strong values. Tyler is definitely marrying up!

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