Tuesday, August 18, 2009

From Earth to Mars - A Zone Council Experience

Our incredible Zone Leaders from all over the Mission!

We had an incredible experience yesterday as we took all our Zone Leaders to the Space Center on Tuesday afternoon, following a meeting held at the mission home. Tyler taught the missionaries "How to ask Inspired Questions" to investigators. He has become real good at this since he has been teaching missionaries at the MTC in Provo the last year and a half. Following the meeting and lunch we arrived at the Challenger Space Center, where we split in two different groups. One group went from Earth to Mars with the group on Mars directing the flight and then we exchanged positions and they sent a group back to earth. It was a computer simulated experience that required a high degree of communication, coordination, listening skills, thinking skills and team effort.
Following this experience, the leaders were debriefed on how all these skills could be applied to missionary work. It was a fun day of learning and application for all of us.

President Beck in his command chair helping the space shuttle to land on Mars!

They couldn't have chosen a better duo of communication officers. It provided all on board a little comic relief as they communicated with each other over the speaker system. Each corrected the other with remarks that gave the crew a big laugh, as only a loving father and son could!

Tyler was the communications officer of the vehicle trying to land on Mars.

Each Elder was given a specific assignment to guide the shuttle to a safe landing. They had to follow instructions for real live situations, and communicate with each other to make it happen.

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Corinne Baird said...

What a great lesson and experience. It's good to catch up with your doings and your family. We're so glad our path crossed yours for a time.