Monday, April 26, 2010

A Visit to Montezuma's Castle & Well

President is getting good at participating in P-day activities, even if he doesn't dress for them.
Every 3 weeks we drive up I-17 North and pass the sign "Montezuma's Castle" and "Montezuma's Well" We always say,"Someday we are going to see those places", and this time on our way back from Flagstaff we did.
They are ancient Indian ruins of the Sinagua, a prehistoric culture that once flourished in the Verde Valley who occupied it for thousands of years. Their dwellings were one room pit-houses built on terraces overlooking their fields in the bottom lands. It was fascinating to see and visualize how these people lived so long ago.

This is how our poor car looks after a road trip up North. Lets just say we slaughter a lot of innocent
insects. You should have seen the windshield.


Eric Nance said...

President & Sister Beck!

Looks like you two are having a great time on your mission in Phoenix! I was just thinking about both of you today and how much of an impact you were on my life! Thanks so much for everything! And just so you know, things are great for me and I have found my wonderful eternal companion. She is sure to keep me in line too!

President Paul Beck said...

We were surprised and happy to hear from you. You were one of our favorite Cinti missionaries. How is your health. Tell us about your eternal companion. When were you married and where are you living. You can email me at Good to hear from you.