Friday, April 23, 2010


On April 23rd Tyler graduated from BYU in Marketing. He has worked hard and we are so proud of his accomplishments. It has been a year full of events for him, including getting married on December 29th to Sarah. She has been a big support to him. Both her parents flew up to the graduation to be there for him. It was a beautiful spring day. The day after his graduation he received word that he was accepted to the University of Utah to go to graduate school. That made his daddy proud, after all
that is the real school, or so he says.

Tyler and Sarah

Cathie and Jeff Beecher, Sarah's parents, attended the graduation and took
everyone out to dinner afterwards. Tyler opened a gift from Sarah, which were some beautiful cuff links. Jeff asked to see them so we passed them around the table. Somewhere between Jeff and Sarah's grandpa, they fell into the dish of fresh horseradish. Calmly, Jeff pick them out of the dish and licked them off and continued to pass them around the table back to Tyler. We all laughed until the tears fell. It was a wonderful celebration for everyone there.
The tulips around the Marriott Center were in mass bloom and were beautiful!

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