Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fresh from the MTC

Welcome to our seventeen new Elders and Sister. Elder Hatcher, Henrie, Daniels, Duda, Mitchell, Barker, Bartlett, Cannon, Carter, Davenport, Geren, Jaussi, Juchau, Sheets, Harris, Neubert, Falconer, & Sister Kolo. Try memorizing those names before you have even met them, especially at my age.

Our new missionaries stand out in the airport as it is, but when you have seventeen of them
following their leader (that's me) through the terminal, then the eyes do turn

Have you ever heard of feeding the ten thousand...well maybe not ten thousand but
I do know we had a lot of hungry missionaries that day for lunch.

After a big lunch in the warm weather out on the patio, a two hour introduction to the mission
and an interview with the President, we had a lot of tired missionaries that took a quick cat nap.
They crashed where ever they could find a spot.

Our garage is turned into a locker room. We just have them keep their luggage in the garage because we don't have room for it inside. It is like figuring out a puzzle when placing mattresses in the family room to bed down. Sister Kolo had her own bedroom and didn't have to deal with that.

Just before bed they all pulled out the journals and captured the feelings of the day. Tomorrow they
would be introduced to their new companion, new area and become a missionary in the real world,
not just the MTC. With the Lord's help they will become instruments in His hand to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of Arizona.

Elder Sentman & Elder Taylor are our most helpful office Elders who drive the mission van and trailer.
They actually fit all the luggage into the trailer and all the missionaries in the van and off they went to transfers!

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Scott Bartlett said...

Thank-you for this update! It is fun seeing our son's first couple days in his mission....what blessed missionaries!

Debra Bartlett