Monday, April 19, 2010

So Long...Farewell

It's that time again for transfers! We sent home 7 missionaries this month....Elder Sweeney, Elder Clark, Elder Sly, Elder Payne & Elder Owens, Elder Bramwell and then, of course, Sister Eustice, the only rose in the group.

The night before this group left, Elder Sweeney bore a testimony of his love for the people in Buckeye, where he was serving. He said he wasn't ready to go home........little did he know that the airlines would be calling him to say that his flight to Scotland was canceled until May 4th because of the Volcano eruption. I guess Elder Sweeney won't be going home with the rest of the group as displayed above.

Some of these missionaries really know how to dress up a waffle.

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Lindsey and Thomas said...

That's crazy about Elder Sweeney's flight! His poor anxious parents! But how great that he could go back and surprise everybody and keep teaching for awhile more.