Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Transfer Day

Elder Beames is our newest Spanish Assistant. Elder Crandall was excited to have him back
as a companion again. This is one Spiritual Companionship and we could all learn a lesson from
them. Their responsibility is to oversee the Spanish companionship and work in the mission.
Welcome Elder Beames!

We have had a rash of stolen bicycles in the mission lately. Unfortunately, our missionaries
get on and off their bikes so much they are a little lax in locking them up. We even had
a companionship that locked them up together in the back of the truck. The person who
took them got a double bonus that day. We encourage our missionaries to get a really good
bike lock to discourage people from taking them from our poor missionaries.

Elder Davis' bike looks like it is ready to be ridden in a parade. What are you thinking Elder Davis?
On a Transfer day the missionaries have fun reuniting with old companions and missionaries after the
transfer meeting and before they are off to their new areas with their new companions.

Elder Farnsworth found out that you can't put your cell phone on top of the car
and then drive off. The result for him was a smashed phone. Poor Elder Farnsworth!

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