Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Study Guide Recipients

The newest Gospel Scholars in the Arizona Phoenix Mission are
Elders Farmer, Gibson, Holden and Sister Brobst
They are the first to have the Gospel Study completed for the new Study . Elders Bergeson, Wesche, and Reading also received it before they left to go home.

The New Study Guide includes 6 different levels of Gospel Study.
My Purpose: The Doctrines of Christ
The Role of the Holy Ghost in Conversion
Receiving Revelation through Prayer
The Book of Mormon
The Gospel of Jesus Christ
Teach People, Not Lessons
We Invite, they commit, we follow Up

When they have completed each of these lessons they are able to come to Elder Trey Matsen's library for a Companion Study along with President Beck. Sister Matsen also prepares a breakfast for them. They become

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