Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Even though we didn't have all our family here this Christmas, we still followed the traditional Christmas Eve program. We enjoyed having the Clarks, from Cincinnati, who are serving as service missionaries, Tyler & Sarah and also The Anderson Family who use to live in Cinti but now live in Chandler. We were also privileged to have all four assistants come. It began with a Christmas dinner of brisket and the trimmings.

We all joined together to play Christmas hymns with the Chimes. I must admit this was our most talented group who were able to play in a way we could actually tell what song it was.

It was time for the essence of the evening. The reading of Luke 2. We didn't have all the little kids this year to play the parts including baby Jesus, but that didn't stop us. Sarah starred as the angel, Tyler was the Star, Sarah & Erik were Mary and Joseph, and our wonderful Assistants were the Three Wise Men and a Shepherd.
There was no chaos and we actually were able to hear as President read the Christmas Story.

Thanks for being good sports Elders.

We always end with Christmas Bingo and pass out presents for those who get Bingo. Then we finished with Peppermint pie with hot fudge sauce and it was off to bed to wait for that special Christmas guest.

We celebrated Christmas with Tyler and Sarah that night as they were going to Mesa to be with
Sarah's family. It was actually a very quiet Christmas for us. It was a time for reflection as we read
that night about the Saviors Birth after everyone had gone.

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