Sunday, December 19, 2010

Coming Home from the Hospital

This is a favorite picture of ours. His first photo shoot. They call it
"The grumpy little Elf".
Merry Christmas to All!

Taylor is leaving the hospital and saying good-bye to all those who took care of him since he came. He spent his first 7 weeks in the hospital but was able to come home on November 20th, which was his original due date and the birthday of his mother. What a wonderful birthday present to give your mother Taylor!

Everyone was elated when little Taylor came home from the hospital. Even though he still has his struggles we are happy he is home with his family. Celeste (Nana) and the boys show this joy in their faces.

How precious is life! We are so grateful for all the tender mercies of the Lord this season. To see the struggles of little Taylor so early in his life has been difficult for all of us and especially him, but we give thanks for the trials we have so that we can learn and grow from them and turn more completely to Christ and his infinite atonement.

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