Tuesday, December 28, 2010

December Arrivals

WELCOME Elders Barker, Colovich, Flukicker, Freeman, Johnson, Kelley,
Malmberg, Morton, Neiman, Dye, Zeldon, Grasley, Cava, Peterson, Romwell,
Rivas & Sister Wells

Awaiting their luggage

President & Sister Beck welcome our newest arrivals to the mission

Sister Clark helps the new missionaries fill out their arrival information

Good Home Cookin'

Orientation by the Assistants

"With You All the Way"
A send off message for the new Arrivals

Meeting their new Companions/Trainers

Sister Wells is welcomed by our Spanish Sisters

Our many mattresses can you fit in the back of a missionary truck?

1 comment:

Padre Wells said...

Dang good looking bunch of new missionaries. Especially that sister missionary. She looks like a real baptizer.