Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Zone Conference - Church Tours

This week we had our Zone Conferences on
"Revelation through Church Attendance".
We found that one of our powerful tools of conversion was Church Tours and it had been forgotten. We keep reminding ourselves that we have a lot of new missionaries that haven't caught up yet. So this was the focus. We had a Stake President at each ZC to instruct us, which is always a highlight.

A reminder to everyone that we need to put ourselves in our investigators shoes as
we invite them to church. It is a completely new experience for them and we
need to make them feel comfortable before they attend.

The sisters in the Relief Society provided us a delicious authentic Mexican lunch
and they went all out. We appreciate the love and service they provide
to feed the missionaries. We always sing "Armies of Helaman"
a song of gratitude after lunch. They love it!

Our mission fight song continues to get more and more intense every time we sing it.
You can see the energy they give it just from the pictures. It is truly a sight to behold.

This was the highlight of the day as we gave out the Fundamentals of Preach
my Gospel awards. Our missionaries are working really hard to be gospel
scholars. About 80% of them received awards this time.

It's birthday time again. Sister Turville, our honorary missionary,
joins our group of birthday missionaries.

Elder Romwell memorized the Family Proclamation
and received his buck knife that Harvey Gardner,
from Page Steel gives the missionaries when
they finish their memorization.

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Padre Wells said...

There's that ever lovely Sister Wells again. Isn't she a great missionary?