Saturday, April 30, 2011

Office Couples Barbeque

The Eagars were so kind to host the Senior Couples barbeque on Friday
evening. We had a wonderful steak dinner, cooked by Elder Eagar and
everyone brought something yummy to go with it. After, we sat in a circle
and told stories, laughed and enjoyed each others company. We had three
new couples join us as they were the replacements for the Eagars, Clarks
and Ely's. We presented a plack to those leaving as an appreciation of all
that they gave in the prime of their life to serving the Lord in the Arizona
Phoenix Mission. We have an amazing office staff that keep things running
so smoothly and we have grown to love and appreciate each of them so much.

Skonnard, Clark, Eager, Ely & Cherry

Elder Eagar doing his magic on the grill!

Magic in Sister Eagar's kitchen.

Welcome Williams who will take the Eagar's place

Elder and Sister Cherry have already brought much to the office as they have
applied their skills and talents to help us out.

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