Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dr. Hawks - the Great One!

Dr. Jack Hawks and his wife Kathy have been a great asset and heaven sent
gift to us during our 3 years in Phoenix. He is a family doctor here in Glendale
but also has been called to be the mission doctor. We do not know how we could
have done the medical end of the calling without them. I am not kidding either.
He has been so good to respond to our calls no matter what time of day
it is to give us medical advice. Many a nights he has had missionaries come
to his home that have needed his immediate help. Did I say we could NOT
have done it without them. They have both added a sense of humor to the calling
which is sometimes needed. They are our dear friends and we will
never be able to repay them for their service to the mission!


Mark and Marianne Egan said...

I hope those aren't his medical instruments mounted on the wall behind.

Unknown said...

Dr. Jack hawks has cheated on his wife with a patients. Left his wife for the one of the patient he was cheating on her with. Apparently bought her a house and is engaged to Sara ady cooley/ Sara Marie cooley, she has many other Alias names due to the fact that creditors are looking for her.
Dr jack hawks isn't even divorced yet and is planning his third marriage. Dr. Drjackhawks is also cheated on both women with another anonymous person that was a patient of his he's probably done with this with many patients but yet the church still calls him a good person?

Sharon Seery said...

Before you praise this man for hiw great you think he is perhaps you should all learn the truth about him. All the wrong doings and lies and maybe know a little about his coke whore that he's living with now! He is not a man of any great ethical or moral standings. He is a narcissistic manipulative sorry excuse of a man. Sickening to think that your wonderful church would welcome him and his coke whore with open arms. Since your bishop see nothing wrong in the things he has done perhaps someone higher up will care to listen and take some action.

Sharon Seery said...

Mr Hawks only cares of one thing and that's his "Happy Endings"
You should ask him about happy endings he loves That.