Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mission President's Seminar

"Our Graduating Class"
We look forward every September to attending the Southwest Mission President's Seminar. We feast at the words of the brethren as they instruct us on how we can become better instruments in the hands of the Lord in directing our missions, and how we can better meet the needs of our missionaries in our missions. This year we all gathered in San Antonio. This a a treat for me as I have always wanted to see the River Walk. Elder Costa, of the first Quorum of the Seventy, along with Elder Richard G. Hinckley, who is director of the missionary department, were there to instruct us. We litterally drank from a fire hose of spiritual information for three days as we were instructed by the brethren.
When we were called to serve as mission president, there were also 6 others that were called to run missions in the Southwest Area at the same time. This would be the last time we would all meet together as a group, as our calling to serve will end on July lst. These are great men and women, who we admire greatly. It has been a privilege getting to know them and learn from them when we meet together. It has been a journey of a life time which has changed us forever and which we will never forget.

Elder & Sister Claudio Costa

We were all able to attend a session in the beautiful San Antonio Temple

Mexican Dancers on the River Walk

It was a hot humid night when we took a boat tour of the River Walk.

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