Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A trip to Wickenburg

Elder Falconer
President Beck and I drove to Wittenberg for a special evening witht he ward to teach them how to become betters missionaries. The missionaries did a great job in this training. The members came as if they were going to the MTC and were sent to different rooms to practice sharing the gospel with their friends.

Sisters Hartvigsen & Keelin welcoming members to the MTC

Group discussions

Before the meeting, we went to President Hancock's house where we cooked a dutch oven dinner. President used his fathers recipes to cook the chicken with cornmeal and it turned our wonderful. After President Hancock gave us a tour of his barn where he showed us his collection of dutch ovens and other old cooking items he has collected over the years. I've never seen so many dutch ovens in one place. It was amazing!

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Mark and Marianne Egan said...

Thank you for posting such interesting photos. I especially like the barn full of cast iron cookware. I don't know how many families follow your blog, but I check often. It helps me feel connected to the mission of my son.