Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Eighteen More Arrive!

We sent home some of our finest this transfer but the Lord seems to always send more valiant servants to fill in their shoes. Arriving in the APM are Elders Adona, Anhder, Bennett, Bird, Buttars, Chandler, Cotton, Hochstein, Jeffs, Johnson, Johnston, McBride, Stephens, Turner, Ware & Sisters Borrows, Briggs, Burton

Sisters Burton, Borrows & Briggs

President Beck welcoming Elder Anhder and the rest of
our new missionaries!

Fresh from the MTC and anxious to begin their mission experience!

Awaiting the mission van

Sister Clark & Elder Skonard are efficiently checking the clipboards with the missionary information.
When completed, it is their ticket to lunch.

This is their first home cooked meal after leaving the MTC.

It was a very warm 107 degree day to arrive in the mission.


carlin said...

Thanks Pres. and Sister Beck for the pictures and the post. Thanks for sharing three years of your life with the Lord. They look like eager to share fresh greenies.Those who just returned home looked like they had a good mission too.

Missy said...

My brother is Elder Buttars, I love the pictures, it's easy to see he is in good hands and good company.

Thanks for posting them on your blog! I'm sending lots of prayers your way!!!

alex said...

I just got my call (Spanish speaking) so that's going to be me in January. ^^