Monday, March 22, 2010

Zone Conference - "Divine Companionship"

Our theme for the March Zone Conference was "Divine Companionship". In order to be effective missionaries we needed to have a third companion and that is the Holy Ghost. It is the Holy Ghost that brings things to our remembrance as we teach, it is the Holy Ghost that is the converter and testifier, it is the Holy Ghost that directs everything we do, including leading us to those who are ready to hear the gospel;or the elect. Every thing we do as missionaries require the divine companionship of the Holy Ghost. We all learned that if we didn't have our lives in order and were not being obedient then we would not be able to have the Holy Ghost to guide us in this work. In fact, we learned that "If ye have not the spirit, ye SHALL NOT TEACH." It is commandment language, just like Thou shalt not lie. I think that was an eye opener for many.

The highlight for our missionaries, I think, was the demonstration President Beck and I did on having our own Companionship Inventory. They got a first hand view of how companionship inventory should be. We opened our own companionship doors and let them in to see how we solved problems and become united as a companionship. It is something we all need to do, especially in our marriages so we are united in purpose. Each week every companionship should sit down and find out what is working and what is driving them apart and then come together.

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