Monday, March 22, 2010

A scent of Heaven

You can get an idea of all the rains we have had in the desert this month. This is a picture of our back yard after one of the rain storms. We have already received a years worth of rain. Everywhere you look you can see blankets of green. It is amazing to see the small mountains covered in a spring green rather than a desert brown. It is a desert beauty.

A blanket of green covers the mountains that are usually brown!

I love this time of year when all the flowers are blooming and the flowers are so bright and beautiful. My favorite things is the smell that the orange blossoms put off. It is like a sweet perfume that penetrates the air. To lay in bed at night and have that fragrance seep through the open window is enough to make anyone think they are in heaven. Only one problem, the birds in our backyard must be mating and they are bird calling all night long making it impossible to go to sleep.

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