Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Welcome to the Arizona Phoenix Mission

Our Newest Arrivals from the MTC are Elders Anderson, Armstrong, Grady, Read, Zollweg, Trussells,
Dahl, Tameilau, Johnson, Wren, Wilson, Sieverts, & Sister Urias, Sister Aydelotte, and SisterKunz

As we waited for the luggage, President Beck assured our new
missionaries they had arrived in the #1 mission!

It wasn't a sunny warm day when our missionaries arrived; instead, it was cold and wet, but it didn't seem to bother "our anxious to get out of the MTC and start working missionaries." They were just glad to be here!

After leaving the MTC at an extra early hour, they were all ready for a hardy lunch of pulled pork sandwhiches. Elder Tameilau, waited to go last because he was extra hungry and wanted to make sure everyone had eaten before he got into the line.

Elder Jordan Clarke, our Spanish Assistant, spends some time getting to know our new missionaries. Two of them are recent converts to the church and shared touching conversion stories with the group.

Just before we send our new missionaries off to meet their new companions at the transfer building, Sister Beck makes sure they are up on their manners by showing the a timeless clasic "Manners for Missionaries". Our missionaries are fed nightly by investigators and members alike, so we want to make sure they know just how to act so they get invited back.

Watching the "Manners Video"

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