Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Straight From the MTC

Our New Missionaries were late on their arrival as President &
our Assistants awaited anxiously!

Welcome Elders & Sisters!
Sisters Hoof, Rogers, Fleener & Bowles, Elder Mortimer, Montgomery, Nuttall,
Farmer, Egan, Farnsworth, Wight, Schaffer, Perkins, McCarty, Mitchell, Menlove

Loading our new Mission Trailer with all the missionary luggage. It is quite the sight to watch
the entourage of 16 missionaries parade through the airport with all their luggage.

This is part of the morning prep to make sure they look their best as they go to meet their new companions at the Transfer Building. The shower lines are long in the morning as there are only 3 bathrooms for 16 Elders and Sisters! The morning ritual is really quite amazing to watch. Everyone wakes up at 6:30, takes a shower, prepares for the day, enjoys a breakfast on the patio, watches a short video on manners to assure they are informed on how they should act in members home where they are fed each night, get their final instructions from Sister Beck, gathers up all their belongings and load their suitcases in the trailer and head off to the transfer building.

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