Monday, January 25, 2010

January 2010 Transfers

Our January Departures
Elder Mcdonald, Fronk, Noland, Lewis, Rose, Gross, Smith, Grey
Elder Diaz, Sister Matthews, Sister Beach, Sister Larsen, Elder Nelson

Story Time and the "M" discussion.

"M" stands for Marriage! Now that they have finished their missions it is back to school, work and looking for that perfect someone. We have a discussion before they leave about finding their eternal mate and what things are important in determining the qualities they will be looking for. I encourage each of them to make up a list of these qualities they want in their eternal mate before they return home to date; making sure that each person they date fit the criteria that they are looking for. Each one of them are encouraged to marry up and not just settle for anyone as they seek out their future mate.

The Cooks!

President Beck makes a mean scrambled egg dish!

The morning of the departure Elder Diaz asked President Beck and I to come in the family room because they had a gift for us. He went on to explain that they were all poor missionaries but they had a gift from the heart they wanted to give us. They proceeded to sing to us "Mother I Love You" & " Father I Love You", a primary song they all sung in their younger years. It was so touching that tears fell. It is so hard to see these young men and women who we grow attached to, leave the mission. I also received a beautiful bouquet of roses from Elder Nelson that was also very touching. Thanks Elder Nelson!

The Final Pose to Remember them by!

Thirteen Missionaries Off to the Airport!

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