Sunday, January 10, 2010

Families are Forever!

What an beautiful experience we have had over the last 3 weeks as we celebrated the marriage of Tyler and Sarah. It was not the best of months to have a wedding, but the Lord directed my ability to accomplish so much. The highlight was having all our children and grandchildren gather in the mission home beginning on Christmas Eve day. The joy of the celebration with children around made it even more meaningful. Travis surprised us when he appeared on Christmas Day with Eli and Emma and then Sharese, Halle and Jordan came the next day with Tracy, Ryan, Nicholas and Ethan. That was it....we were now all officially together and ready for the activities to begin. We had a packed week ahead of us including activities of Sarah Endowment day at the Mesa Temple followed by a dinner at the Beecher home. A family Home evening with all of our brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers and cousins at the mission home. The house was packed and it was a touching experience to all be together as we gave Tyler and Sarah some wedding counsel. I felt at that time the surety that "Families will be Forever". We enjoyed the celebration of the wedding day and all the festivities and then the next day a trip to Williams to ride the "Polar Express" with all the grandchildren, and then the activities of the New Years Celebration. We enjoyed getting reaquainted with all the grandchildren and to see their growth and cute personalities. I reflect back on the events and give thanks to my Heavenly Father for each of these treasures in our family and for the opportunity we had to be together during this special time.

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