Tuesday, February 24, 2009


After an everlasting day.....our excited, nervous and tired missionaries close the day by writing their feelings and thoughts in their journals before retiring to the infamous air mattresses. Tomorrow will be the first day of the rest of their mission. Not knowing where they will be serving in the mission or who their companion were, lead the dreams they would have that night.

It was break time and a chance to learn the mission song that Elder Peck, our Auto Coordinator in the office, and previous Mormon Tabernacle Choir member, had just written. President Beck calls it our Mission Fight song because it has a little zip to it.

The next morning for breakfast we show the missionaries how to make a simple, ziploc bag omlet. This is our assembly line to make the omlet before in goes into the boiling water. It is an idea for them to use in the mornings ahead on their mission.

Now, the big moment! On the left are our finest trainers and on the right are our new missionaries. Within minutes they will be matched with their new companions and be introduced to the AP missionaries.

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