Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Few Medical Challenges

Elder Durrant had an emergency appendectomy on Sunday. I thought his symptoms sounded like the flu that our missionaries have all had. When he told President that he was at a #10 level of pain, we sent him immediately to the ER. Elder Durrant was in the hospital for 5 days recovering. So much for my medical diagnosis. Thank goodness we have a mission doctor I can consult with when I don't know what I'm doing. The day before that Elder Noyce was knocked off his bike by a car and sent to the ER. He has a broken foot and has been a real trooper not giving into the injury and enduring the pain. The day before that Elder Young, who was on the reservation serving, was attacked by a dog. I asked his companion what he did when it happened. He said "I ran and jumped over the fence and left my companion to fight for himself." The next week I sent baggies of dog bones tied with a ribbon to all our elders serving on the reservation. There are so many stray dogs on the reservation. We actually call them the "Rez Dogs" It was a medical challenging weekend for all of us.

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