Monday, February 9, 2009


For all those who know the President, his passion is growing a garden. We had a beautiful garden in Cincinnati and harvested much from it. Well, with the warm weather and extended growing season here in Arizona, he decided to find some pots and plant some tomatoes last fall. We are now enjoying the fruits of his labors as the tomatoes are ripening. The challenge is to get them picked before the birds taste them first. He is not so happy with our feathery friends.

OUCH!!!!! We were asked to go up to Prescott Valley and attend a Zone Prep Day with our missionaries. It was a snowy day up there which kept us from going on our planned hike with the zone, and instead they played volleyball. I decided It wouldn't be right to sit at the side lines and cheer, no..... I had to get right into the thick of things and dust off my volleyball skills and pretend that I too could play as a 20 year old would play. It didn't take long before my injury happened and my pinky finger began to swell. But no.....I couldn't sit out and let others on to my injury, so I just kept playing. By the end of the activity, it was evident I had done something bad to my finger. The finger swelled so bad that the skin peeled because it was so big. Now I was to be added to our injured reserve. President has banned me now from playing any more volleyball. Actually, he has decided we both would be banned from playing as he too had a few bruises.

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