Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Two New Assistants!

Elder Tyler Perkins is our newest English Assistant and his new
companion is Elder Jason Brase. Elder Perkins will bring much
enthusiasm and energy as our Assistant. He has been a great
example to our missionaries and is love by all.
Welcome Elder Perkins! Elder Tripp is going out to
train a new missionary his last two transfers. A big thanks to
him for his leadership in the mission.

Elder Falconer will join Elder Miles as our new Spanish Assistant. He too
will bring lots of energy and leadership to the group. We want to thank Elder
Klemme for all he did for the past 10 months. He was our thinker and always
was looking into the future to see how we could do a better job in improving
things in the mission. He was truly a diligent missionary who contributed much.
Thanks Elder Klemme!

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