Monday, May 9, 2011

Our Morning Walks

One of the highlights of our day is to take an early morning walk together!
The beauty of Arizona is unique and it has been wonderful to soak it all
in. Some mornings we take the desert trails and others we just enjoy
looking at all the desert flowers bloom in front of the houses as we
pass by. Everything is in bloom right now and it is a beautiful sight.
President is enthralled with the gamble quail that seem to be everywhere.
As our journey comes to an end, we will miss all these special
moments we have had in Arizona.

Some mornings on our walk we are able to watch the hot air balloons
rise into the sky. The most we have counted is seventeen. It is a
beautiful sight to behold. It is our secret desire to be able to go on
a hot air balloon ride someday!

The cactus is in full bloom. It is beautiful.

The clouds in the sky and the sunsets are incredible pictures in my mind!

How about those tomatoes? This has been President's therapy
on his P-days. He grows a mean tomato. He has found that
growing vegetables in the desert takes a different approach,
but we love the tomato sandwiches that come from his efforts
Good job President!

1 comment:

Linda Sepulveda said...

oh you guys gave me phoenix trunkyness!!! i miss the cactuses, the sun, the heat, the sunsets, the mission. EVERYTHING!! beautiful photos!!