Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stress & Stress Management

O.K., I will be the first to admit that being a missionary can be very stressful.
It just comes with the job description. The kicker is that when we reach a high
level of stress then we need to allow our bodies to relax and come down
to a normal state so that we can gear up for the next expectation/challenge.
At least that is what I tried to tell our missionaries in our Interview training.
We tried to identify the "Stressors" in our lives and then talked about ways
we could address them so we didn't crash and burn!

I demonstrated different ways we could release the stress and one of them
was to close your eyes, let your arms and legs go heavy, clear your mind,
think of the rolling waves on the beautiful white sand,
with a gentle breeze blowing in your face. Clear your mind of everything
and let your body go limp. Well, as you can see,
some of them really got the idea and played the role.
Others weren't sure they wanted to display the way they looked when
they were relaxed I guess. Now lets see if it helps in
the weeks to come. It was a fun training!

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