Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Faith of a Missionary

Sometimes missionaries have to deal with difficult news, as Elder Thomas Taylor did last month when his father called the mission to tell us that his wife, and the mother of Elder Taylor had passed away suddenly that night. After talking with Brother Taylor about his wife, he re -emphasized that his mother would want Elder Taylor to stay in the mission and finish strong. Many don't quite understand this decision of not having a missionary return home for the funeral of a loved one, but when you understand the Plan of Salvation and that they will be able to be with their loved one after this life then there is comfort in continuing the work.
Elder Taylor displayed extraordinary faith as he was told the news, he dedicated the rest of his mission to his mom. Her favorite color was red, so Elder Taylor decided right there that he would wear a red tie the rest of his mission in honor of his mothers. Ties flooded in from all the missionaries and as you can see, I think Elder Taylor will find his choices are not limited to his own red ties. We have had a handful of great missionaries who have lost one of their parents in the mission still serving. I can think of no better place to serve during a trial like this. We love each one of them and admire their strength also.

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Effie said...

Elder Taylor has a wonderful attitude and it is so wonderful to know that my daughter is serving among such amazing missionaries! I am sure that a lot of the hard working missionaries have learned to do so from a pretty amazing Mission President and his wife. Thank you so much for your service and love for our children. :)